August 5

Nissan 240sx progress

So today I spent a fair bit of time working with my father on the 240sx, while we had spent most of the time at Ralphs Pick N’ Pull we were able to get a lot of progress of the car and collected a lot of the parts needed to make it a good looking and properly functioning car.

today most of the work was on the interior of the car as we had picked up a lot of the missing interior panelings and the rear seats for the car, but befor we had left to go look to see if you could get the parts we found a problem with the engine that was causeing it to not idle and just die it you wernt reving it up. the intake manifold was not tightened down onto the head making a leak so after tightening it up the car started to not only sound better but it will now idle (still not very well though).


Pictures of the work we have done today.


replaced the driverside door panel.


Cleared out the trunk and intaled new seats, trim and carpet.


instaled a mirror control and a power port.


got the KA24E engine to idle and replaced the joint that conects the throttle body to the air box.


instaled the headlights (sorry i didnt get a picture of them instaled i will have one next post).

Now what I need to fix and what im working on .

painting the valve cover (Again no picture i will get one when i complete it).



An exhaust leak caused by a whole in the pipe just before the muffler.

IMAG0025 IMAG0032


replaceing the passenger sife front fender.


there is a lot more but the build has just begun so I will keep posting every night and have a sort of build log of my nissan 240sx.




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