August 5

My Nissan 240sx

So recently I picked up one of my favourite cars (as told in a previous post) a 1990 Nissan 240sx and when I bought it the car was not in the greatest shape, whether it be the fact that the engine was in need of reasembly or that the body is in need of a large amount of atention I soon found myself just sitting in the drivers seat and soaking in what the car had to offer.

Today I really got to get my hands dirty though as we finaly pulled the beauty into the garage and what my father, my uncle and I had excpected to be an all day job had really taken us not that much time  and within a few short hours we had the car running (not to great mind you) and in a state were it would move under its own power. So after getting the engine to run it became a job of just finding things to do like pluging in wires that needed to be reinstaled or trying to get a stuck headlight motor to work it had just become fun and while the car is long from finished it is a project that i will find great enjoyment out of and enjoyment from the feeling of knowing that when I get my license i will have a car that will be something I’m proud of and will cherish for a long time.

while i was unable to get any photos or videos of the car while I was working on it I will be making an atempt to catalog alot of the build and be posting it here to show what is becoming of my 1990 Nissan 240sx

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