February 13

My baby (Nissan 240sx S13)

this is my 1989 Nissan 240sx mini stock racecar. She is a NA that has been lowered to the point that you couldnt get your foot under at the highest point and has a 18 point rollcage (no chance of me getting squished). before I got her, she was the blue #41 owned by Arron Wilison. but when i got her for christmas she became the silver #8 and we may have had some difficulties getting her running right in the begining but once we got her honed in she just ripped away from the pack and left every one in the dust. I am glad to have a car like this because it is something I know I will always get a rush from while sitting behind the wheel.


Posted February 13, 2014 by joeys in category Cars

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