February 7

Poetry project

Explanation: This poetry project was a fairly simple project that was able to count for 2 classes english and digital media. what it was about was we had to pick our favourite published poem and then recreate it as a movie.

my project: for my video I decided that I was going to use the poem The Cremation of SamMcGee by Robert Service. I picked this poem because in grade six during the poetry unit I found it and found that it was an amazing poem about how a friend would keep his promise even though noone was around to recognise it and now when I read the poem I can pick up on more of the language used and more of the layout whitch make me feel that this poem is something that could be enjoyed by people of any age event though it is dealing with the hard theme of death.

my thoughts: I found this was a fairly easy project that really didnt take to much time to do but at the same time was nice because it gave us creative freedom in the line of how we made it and what it ended up as, my project in my opinion was good but I feel now that I have gotten some feedback I can now make it better.

I would have put my video here but the upload limit for a post is only 19mb I am unable to insert it so i will post it to another webite and link it here



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