January 17

recent event i participated in

some recent events that happened at IHub that i was a part of is the multiple presentations at different middle schools through out the SD43 district. during these presentation me and a couple other students would tell grade 8’s about what the Inquiry Hub is like and what we have done so far during our time at the IHub, the presenters who helped with this were Josh, Shauna, Sophia, Hannah and I. Yesterday we had an open house to show the students of next year and their parents what the Inquiry Hub really is and tell them a little more about it. After the presentation i went and stood by my multiple arcade machine so that if people wanted to ask me questions about what i do at IHub I could answer them and also show off one of the inquiries that i am working on at the moment. in all it has been fairly busy, but i find that it was something that i could do again.

Josh’s blog: joshu.inquiryhub.org

Shauna, Sophia and Hannah’s garden blog: green.inquiryhub.org




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