December 9

IHub Poster Reflection

while doing the poster project my group had quite a challenge coming up with an idea that would most fit IHub because of how different the school is it made it difficult to come up with something that would most fit the school, finally after a week we had an idea. abstract. Abstract is something that suited the school so well because it is so different from other schools that it is abstract its self. once we drew and coloured the poster we needed to scan it but the scanners that we had immediate access  to could was in black and white so we needed to take a picture for the first review.  After we the review we got our feed back and started on making revision by colour scanning the image and then adding in all of the information the logos we needed, the feedback was all along the same and i made the revisions to the best of my  abilities without changing the entire poster. Finally I sent it in for final review and was finished with it. The final results of the poster i was happy with and over all i feel it did fairly good.

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