February 28

my top 10 Cars

This is a list of my top 10 favourite cars this is my opinion and if you see differently I totally understand


10. Ford Mustang

The ford mustang is a nice car but when I see it all it is to me is a muscle car that is trying to change I like this car but only as my number 10.
9. Buggati Veyron 

again a really nice car but when i has a price point on 2 million dollars it makes liking the car kind of hard and it could be higher in the list but i really like other cars a lot more.

8.BMW E46 M3

The BMW E46 M3 is a really good loking car for its age and has stood up pretty well against the test of time considering it can do  0-60 in 4.8 second, but even with all of the awesomeness it is not my favourite

7. Chevy Corvette

the Chevy corvette is the first car on this list from my favourite car brand and even though it is fast good looking and a really nice car  when i breaks down it costs a ton of money to get it fixed so thats why its at seven.

6. 1955 Chevy Bel air

The 1955 Bel air is a beut of a car and one that I like quite a bit honestly the only reason this is number 6 is because I like the other car just a ver small amount more

5. Chevelle

The chevelle is a car that could be as powerful as the camaro in a more muscular body style. i love this car because of how it was built to look like something that could be cool and Fearsome.


4. Subaru WRX STI

Google image this and you will see amazing cars  and this thing in the snow it like peanut butter and jelly it is just an amazing car that really shines when sideways around a corner and in the snow.


3. Nissan GTR

Faster Than a veyron. I think that is enough but ill put more, not only is the price point 1/20th the price with a few mods it can fly past a veyron like it was standing still and it that does say enough you would probably have 1.8 million left instead of spending 2 million on a veyron


2. Nissan 240SX S13

the S13, if your looking for a cheap reliable and fast car this is it and dont get me started on the drifting. all around amazing car and is very  close to my favourite car of all time.


1.Chevr0let Camaro

In a few short word i can sum upwhy I love this car, Childhood Dream.  For my whole life i have wanted a camaro and it doesnt matter what year the car is, it is something that will never try to change. unlike the ford mustang trying to become a sports car the camaro has always been and will be a muscle car and with the new ones comming out they are tring to make it as close to the originals while keeping it modern and That is why the Camaro is my favourite car.


February 14

Music recemendation #2

This is my second music recommendation and I feel like it should start to pick up the beat so this time I’m recommending  Invaders must die by The Prodigy

I like this song from 2009 because of how it has key elements of electronic and dubstep but sound like rock.


The whole song is very memorable and is a very good track to listen to.

Check it out


And for all you Dotor who fans out there that is Noel Clarke AKA Mickey Smith in the music video

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February 14


1. who do you want to be online

online I want to be myself

2. what is a digital footprint and how can you control yours

a digital footprint is everything that you post, comment on or like and you can control it by thinking before you post, comment or like

3. what recent embarrassing story of a celebrity has developed online

I really don’t pay attention to celebrities unless my friend tells me so I don’t know.

4. what are some strategies that you use to stay safe online

get Adblockplus and think about what you are doing online and set up the privacy settings

5. which categories of people are more vulnerable online

seniors because they will fall for most of the internet scams.

6. Are offline and online risks any different and why

They aren’t really any different because it’s the same risks just online.

February 7

Poetry project

Explanation: This poetry project was a fairly simple project that was able to count for 2 classes english and digital media. what it was about was we had to pick our favourite published poem and then recreate it as a movie.

my project: for my video I decided that I was going to use the poem The Cremation of SamMcGee by Robert Service. I picked this poem because in grade six during the poetry unit I found it and found that it was an amazing poem about how a friend would keep his promise even though noone was around to recognise it and now when I read the poem I can pick up on more of the language used and more of the layout whitch make me feel that this poem is something that could be enjoyed by people of any age event though it is dealing with the hard theme of death.

my thoughts: I found this was a fairly easy project that really didnt take to much time to do but at the same time was nice because it gave us creative freedom in the line of how we made it and what it ended up as, my project in my opinion was good but I feel now that I have gotten some feedback I can now make it better.

I would have put my video here but the upload limit for a post is only 19mb I am unable to insert it so i will post it to another webite and link it here


January 24

Arcade cabinet

My newest inquiry that I am working on now is a MAM (multiple arcade machine) and so far I have build most of the cabinet and have been working on bringing in games to put inside of the machine.

The whole idea for this project was to see how many people use it, how people reacted to it, and how different games made people feel and once i finish building it and get it painted I will be able to test all of this.

The design model will be put below

Sketchup file: arcadecabinet


IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682