February 7

Poetry project

Explanation: This poetry project was a fairly simple project that was able to count for 2 classes english and digital media. what it was about was we had to pick our favourite published poem and then recreate it as a movie.

my project: for my video I decided that I was going to use the poem The Cremation of SamMcGee by Robert Service. I picked this poem because in grade six during the poetry unit I found it and found that it was an amazing poem about how a friend would keep his promise even though noone was around to recognise it and now when I read the poem I can pick up on more of the language used and more of the layout whitch make me feel that this poem is something that could be enjoyed by people of any age event though it is dealing with the hard theme of death.

my thoughts: I found this was a fairly easy project that really didnt take to much time to do but at the same time was nice because it gave us creative freedom in the line of how we made it and what it ended up as, my project in my opinion was good but I feel now that I have gotten some feedback I can now make it better.

I would have put my video here but the upload limit for a post is only 19mb I am unable to insert it so i will post it to another webite and link it here


February 5

Arcade cabinet 20 hour check point

what have I done in the 20 hours of my current Inquiry.

During the 20 hours I have had to work on my arcade cabinet I have built most of the cabinet made plans for how it is going to be painted and also had a working model at the open house. The cabinet is still being built at the moment due to a lack of materials but as soon as I get them I will be able to finish the cabinet and then have a working M.A.M. ( multiple arcade machine ). the plans for the arcade are more delving into psychology as I will be studying how people react to it and also how people react when a part of the machine is changed.

some challenges that I have faced so far are Running out of wood as well as having a bunch of games stop working thirty seconds after swapping them back in to the system.

some problems i see that I may have in the future is theft and vandalism some way around this is cameras and a locked backpanel.

The consoles that I will have installed in the machine are:

an N64 running,  golden eye, perfect dark, wave race and LoZ:oot

a PS2 running , ATV:of2/3, sly 2/3, crash nitro karts, and sonic mega collection

and hopefully a NES running  duck hunt and Mario


Photos of current progress

January 31

The sites I trust

the top three websites that I trust for information are

  1. Wikipedia.org
  2. thingiverse.com
  3. www.bced.gov.bc.ca

these are the sites i trust most for my information

honnorable mention

  1. sd43.bcln.ca
  2. something.com
  3. piratebay.org
  4. youtube.com
January 24

Arcade cabinet

My newest inquiry that I am working on now is a MAM (multiple arcade machine) and so far I have build most of the cabinet and have been working on bringing in games to put inside of the machine.

The whole idea for this project was to see how many people use it, how people reacted to it, and how different games made people feel and once i finish building it and get it painted I will be able to test all of this.

The design model will be put below

Sketchup file: arcadecabinet


IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682

January 24

Digital media Palindromes

so today in digital media we did 2 activities the first was a card trick and the second was something to do with 2 digit palindromes.

So the idea of the palindromes was to take a number and add it with its reverse untill you get a palindrome so with that I set out to do the biggest one you can do with 2 digits 98 and after a while i learned that i wasnt the only one using this number but i was the only one going by legit mental math. (everyone else was using a calculator). So finaly after a but ton of addition I finished it and had a 24 degree palindriome all done with mental math.


January 17

recent event i participated in

some recent events that happened at IHub that i was a part of is the multiple presentations at different middle schools through out the SD43 district. during these presentation me and a couple other students would tell grade 8’s about what the Inquiry Hub is like and what we have done so far during our time at the IHub, the presenters who helped with this were Josh, Shauna, Sophia, Hannah and I. Yesterday we had an open house to show the students of next year and their parents what the Inquiry Hub really is and tell them a little more about it. After the presentation i went and stood by my multiple arcade machine so that if people wanted to ask me questions about what i do at IHub I could answer them and also show off one of the inquiries that i am working on at the moment. in all it has been fairly busy, but i find that it was something that i could do again.

Josh’s blog: joshu.inquiryhub.org

Shauna, Sophia and Hannah’s garden blog: green.inquiryhub.org



January 17

3 humans 2 monkeys and a gorrilla


our task was to get 3 human 2 monkeys and a gorilla across a river but there always had to be an even ratio of monkeys to humans so that is probably the hardest part about the whole thing. some of the strategies that i had where to find loop holes but  i couldn’t use them because i had to use a legit strategy so eventually I got to the point where it was try every possible move and just build from there and it worked because it made seeing a next move quite simple.


The answer I got  for any one who wants to know is :


Gorilla, Monkey


Gorilla, Monkey


Human, Human

Human, Monkey

Gorilla, Human

Human, Monkey

Human, Human


Gorilla, Monkey


Gorilla, Monkey



thats some ghost busters on the NES reference right there.

December 11

novel post 1

please write the questions at the top of your post: could you be friends with the protagonist of your novel? At least 3 good arguments

I feel like I could be friends with the protagonist from the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley.

My final reason I feel that I could be friends with the protagonist is because in the book he is portrayed as a fair sized skinny teen. His build is a very close to the same build as me, although I would be taller than him in real life.

Another reason why is how him and I could get along very well while playing video games and making YouTube videos.  we are both avid gamer. as well as both had that moment where we put our videos up onto YouTube for people to see them.

One of the reasons why I say this is because of how we have the same style of thinking in some ways, an example of this is that him and I think of the future and how we will be rich and famous and have the drive to put our self there.

This is why I feel that I could be friends with Greg Heffley, the protagonist from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

December 9

IHub Poster Reflection

while doing the poster project my group had quite a challenge coming up with an idea that would most fit IHub because of how different the school is it made it difficult to come up with something that would most fit the school, finally after a week we had an idea. abstract. Abstract is something that suited the school so well because it is so different from other schools that it is abstract its self. once we drew and coloured the poster we needed to scan it but the scanners that we had immediate access  to could was in black and white so we needed to take a picture for the first review.  After we the review we got our feed back and started on making revision by colour scanning the image and then adding in all of the information the logos we needed, the feedback was all along the same and i made the revisions to the best of my  abilities without changing the entire poster. Finally I sent it in for final review and was finished with it. The final results of the poster i was happy with and over all i feel it did fairly good.