January 7

I hub reads 2015 – The Giver

In the first chapter we are introduced to the main protagonist Jonas, a 12 (un-aware of what that means yet) his younger sister Lilly a 7, and his mother and father. The setting of the story seems set in a more the future and in a small town or village. The setting seems as if it may play a large roll in the story and will be a large detail. The main detain I would like an answer to is what does the number refere to, but something else I would like to know about is why is this society one where you are to monitor your speech and also why you have to share every detail of what happens in your life.

The book seems interesting but I feel I need to Read more to get more understanding of details.

February 7

Poetry project

Explanation: This poetry project was a fairly simple project that was able to count for 2 classes english and digital media. what it was about was we had to pick our favourite published poem and then recreate it as a movie.

my project: for my video I decided that I was going to use the poem The Cremation of SamMcGee by Robert Service. I picked this poem because in grade six during the poetry unit I found it and found that it was an amazing poem about how a friend would keep his promise even though noone was around to recognise it and now when I read the poem I can pick up on more of the language used and more of the layout whitch make me feel that this poem is something that could be enjoyed by people of any age event though it is dealing with the hard theme of death.

my thoughts: I found this was a fairly easy project that really didnt take to much time to do but at the same time was nice because it gave us creative freedom in the line of how we made it and what it ended up as, my project in my opinion was good but I feel now that I have gotten some feedback I can now make it better.

I would have put my video here but the upload limit for a post is only 19mb I am unable to insert it so i will post it to another webite and link it here


January 17

recent event i participated in

some recent events that happened at IHub that i was a part of is the multiple presentations at different middle schools through out the SD43 district. during these presentation me and a couple other students would tell grade 8’s about what the Inquiry Hub is like and what we have done so far during our time at the IHub, the presenters who helped with this were Josh, Shauna, Sophia, Hannah and I. Yesterday we had an open house to show the students of next year and their parents what the Inquiry Hub really is and tell them a little more about it. After the presentation i went and stood by my multiple arcade machine so that if people wanted to ask me questions about what i do at IHub I could answer them and also show off one of the inquiries that i am working on at the moment. in all it has been fairly busy, but i find that it was something that i could do again.

Josh’s blog: joshu.inquiryhub.org

Shauna, Sophia and Hannah’s garden blog: green.inquiryhub.org



December 11

novel post 1

please write the questions at the top of your post: could you be friends with the protagonist of your novel? At least 3 good arguments

I feel like I could be friends with the protagonist from the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley.

My final reason I feel that I could be friends with the protagonist is because in the book he is portrayed as a fair sized skinny teen. His build is a very close to the same build as me, although I would be taller than him in real life.

Another reason why is how him and I could get along very well while playing video games and making YouTube videos.  we are both avid gamer. as well as both had that moment where we put our videos up onto YouTube for people to see them.

One of the reasons why I say this is because of how we have the same style of thinking in some ways, an example of this is that him and I think of the future and how we will be rich and famous and have the drive to put our self there.

This is why I feel that I could be friends with Greg Heffley, the protagonist from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.