August 5

Nissan 240sx progress

So today I spent a fair bit of time working with my father on the 240sx, while we had spent most of the time at Ralphs Pick N’ Pull we were able to get a lot of progress of the car and collected a lot of the parts needed to make it a good looking and properly functioning car.

today most of the work was on the interior of the car as we had picked up a lot of the missing interior panelings and the rear seats for the car, but befor we had left to go look to see if you could get the parts we found a problem with the engine that was causeing it to not idle and just die it you wernt reving it up. the intake manifold was not tightened down onto the head making a leak so after tightening it up the car started to not only sound better but it will now idle (still not very well though).


Pictures of the work we have done today.


replaced the driverside door panel.


Cleared out the trunk and intaled new seats, trim and carpet.


instaled a mirror control and a power port.


got the KA24E engine to idle and replaced the joint that conects the throttle body to the air box.


instaled the headlights (sorry i didnt get a picture of them instaled i will have one next post).

Now what I need to fix and what im working on .

painting the valve cover (Again no picture i will get one when i complete it).



An exhaust leak caused by a whole in the pipe just before the muffler.

IMAG0025 IMAG0032


replaceing the passenger sife front fender.


there is a lot more but the build has just begun so I will keep posting every night and have a sort of build log of my nissan 240sx.




August 5

My Nissan 240sx

So recently I picked up one of my favourite cars (as told in a previous post) a 1990 Nissan 240sx and when I bought it the car was not in the greatest shape, whether it be the fact that the engine was in need of reasembly or that the body is in need of a large amount of atention I soon found myself just sitting in the drivers seat and soaking in what the car had to offer.

Today I really got to get my hands dirty though as we finaly pulled the beauty into the garage and what my father, my uncle and I had excpected to be an all day job had really taken us not that much time  and within a few short hours we had the car running (not to great mind you) and in a state were it would move under its own power. So after getting the engine to run it became a job of just finding things to do like pluging in wires that needed to be reinstaled or trying to get a stuck headlight motor to work it had just become fun and while the car is long from finished it is a project that i will find great enjoyment out of and enjoyment from the feeling of knowing that when I get my license i will have a car that will be something I’m proud of and will cherish for a long time.

while i was unable to get any photos or videos of the car while I was working on it I will be making an atempt to catalog alot of the build and be posting it here to show what is becoming of my 1990 Nissan 240sx

February 28

my top 10 Cars

This is a list of my top 10 favourite cars this is my opinion and if you see differently I totally understand


10. Ford Mustang

The ford mustang is a nice car but when I see it all it is to me is a muscle car that is trying to change I like this car but only as my number 10.
9. Buggati Veyron 

again a really nice car but when i has a price point on 2 million dollars it makes liking the car kind of hard and it could be higher in the list but i really like other cars a lot more.

8.BMW E46 M3

The BMW E46 M3 is a really good loking car for its age and has stood up pretty well against the test of time considering it can do  0-60 in 4.8 second, but even with all of the awesomeness it is not my favourite

7. Chevy Corvette

the Chevy corvette is the first car on this list from my favourite car brand and even though it is fast good looking and a really nice car  when i breaks down it costs a ton of money to get it fixed so thats why its at seven.

6. 1955 Chevy Bel air

The 1955 Bel air is a beut of a car and one that I like quite a bit honestly the only reason this is number 6 is because I like the other car just a ver small amount more

5. Chevelle

The chevelle is a car that could be as powerful as the camaro in a more muscular body style. i love this car because of how it was built to look like something that could be cool and Fearsome.


4. Subaru WRX STI

Google image this and you will see amazing cars  and this thing in the snow it like peanut butter and jelly it is just an amazing car that really shines when sideways around a corner and in the snow.


3. Nissan GTR

Faster Than a veyron. I think that is enough but ill put more, not only is the price point 1/20th the price with a few mods it can fly past a veyron like it was standing still and it that does say enough you would probably have 1.8 million left instead of spending 2 million on a veyron


2. Nissan 240SX S13

the S13, if your looking for a cheap reliable and fast car this is it and dont get me started on the drifting. all around amazing car and is very  close to my favourite car of all time.


1.Chevr0let Camaro

In a few short word i can sum upwhy I love this car, Childhood Dream.  For my whole life i have wanted a camaro and it doesnt matter what year the car is, it is something that will never try to change. unlike the ford mustang trying to become a sports car the camaro has always been and will be a muscle car and with the new ones comming out they are tring to make it as close to the originals while keeping it modern and That is why the Camaro is my favourite car.


February 13

My baby (Nissan 240sx S13)

this is my 1989 Nissan 240sx mini stock racecar. She is a NA that has been lowered to the point that you couldnt get your foot under at the highest point and has a 18 point rollcage (no chance of me getting squished). before I got her, she was the blue #41 owned by Arron Wilison. but when i got her for christmas she became the silver #8 and we may have had some difficulties getting her running right in the begining but once we got her honed in she just ripped away from the pack and left every one in the dust. I am glad to have a car like this because it is something I know I will always get a rush from while sitting behind the wheel.


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