February 5

Arcade cabinet 20 hour check point

what have I done in the 20 hours of my current Inquiry.

During the 20 hours I have had to work on my arcade cabinet I have built most of the cabinet made plans for how it is going to be painted and also had a working model at the open house. The cabinet is still being built at the moment due to a lack of materials but as soon as I get them I will be able to finish the cabinet and then have a working M.A.M. ( multiple arcade machine ). the plans for the arcade are more delving into psychology as I will be studying how people react to it and also how people react when a part of the machine is changed.

some challenges that I have faced so far are Running out of wood as well as having a bunch of games stop working thirty seconds after swapping them back in to the system.

some problems i see that I may have in the future is theft and vandalism some way around this is cameras and a locked backpanel.

The consoles that I will have installed in the machine are:

an N64 running,  golden eye, perfect dark, wave race and LoZ:oot

a PS2 running , ATV:of2/3, sly 2/3, crash nitro karts, and sonic mega collection

and hopefully a NES running  duck hunt and Mario


Photos of current progress

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