December 11

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please write the questions at the top of your post: could you be friends with the protagonist of your novel? At least 3 good arguments

I feel like I could be friends with the protagonist from the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley.

My final reason I feel that I could be friends with the protagonist is because in the book he is portrayed as a fair sized skinny teen. His build is a very close to the same build as me, although I would be taller than him in real life.

Another reason why is how him and I could get along very well while playing video games and making YouTube videos.  we are both avid gamer. as well as both had that moment where we put our videos up onto YouTube for people to see them.

One of the reasons why I say this is because of how we have the same style of thinking in some ways, an example of this is that him and I think of the future and how we will be rich and famous and have the drive to put our self there.

This is why I feel that I could be friends with Greg Heffley, the protagonist from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


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